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What's up every body my name is John Beedle and I am the owner of Genesis Integrated Medicine. I am originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming(yes, people from Wyoming exist) and I have lived in Las Vegas with my wife and pets for 4 years now. I attended undergrad in a small town in Colorado where I studied Sports Management and health sciences.

I played Division II lacrosse and was able to be a team captain, all conference lacrosse player, a SAAC member and a Special Olympics coordinator and volunteer.  After undergrad I continued my lacrosse career where I was able to play for the USA STARZ and was able to travel the world to play lacrosse for two summers. After lacrosse I attended chiropractic college at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

There I continued to volunteer with Special Olympics, poverty stricken areas in the Minneapolis metro and coached youth lacrosse as a volunteer while attending chiropractic school.

Once I moved to Vegas I immediately began coaching youth lacrosse in Henderson and helped develop a team that became a top 100 US youth program, volunteer weekdays at a special needs classes at elementary schools and work with four professional sports organizations. I love patients of all categories from kids, athletes, 3rd trimester mothers and grandparents.

I believe in order to get better you must become educated on what is going on with your body and finding the root cause. How we get there? By advanced orthopedic assessments, diagnostic testing and imaging and creating an individualized plan consisting of exercise therapy, adhesive release method, strength and conditioning, Smart tools, Blood flow restriction training, functional medicine and spinal manipulation.

I am very passionate about my patients, my health and my community. I look forward to meeting you and being apart of your journey!

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